• Albert Styron's Store Icon

    Albert Styron’s Store

    One of five general stores on Ocracoke during the first half of the twentieth century, Albert Styron’s store served the need of people living Down

  • Blackbeard / Teach’s Hole

    In November of 1718, the governor of Virginia sent Robert Maynard of the British Royal Navy to hunt down Blackbeard. In a deep water channel off the shore of Springer’s Point, Maynard’s men overpowered the smaller pirate crew an beheaded their captain.

  • Bragg Howard House Icon

    Bragg-Howard House

    This house is representative of the basic island home, the historic “story and a jump,” a diminutive frame house, one and a half stories high.

  • British Cemetery

    This small graveyard is the final resting place of four British sailors from an armed trawler torpedoed in 1942.

  • Captain Bill Thomas House Icon

    Captain Bill Thomas House

    In the harbor of St. Kitt’s in the Caribbean, Captain Thomas spied a stately home with a wide veranda and decided to have a replica built for himself and his new bride back on Ocracoke.

  • Charles Lindbergh

    During a flight, Lindbergh was forced to land on a beach near the Cedar Hammock Coast Guard Station on the north end of Ocracoke.

  • First Automobile Accident

    In September of 1925, with only two vehicles on the entire Island, Ocracoke had it’s first automobile accident on what is now Howard Street.

  • Old Diver

    About one hundred years ago, Augustus Abner McQuire drown while attempting to repair the hull of a ship anchored off Ocracoke. He was buried on Ocracoke and became a local ghost legend.

  • Old Quawk

    The story of Old Quawk has been told on Ocracoke Island since at least the early nineteenth century.