Springer’s Point Oaks Map

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These oaks are on property that is a protected land trust. Please abide by all rules, remain on designated paths, and refrain from any activities that would damage the trees or surrounding vegetation or wildlife.

Springer's Point Trail Head Start here to walk to Springer's Point and see the live oaks.
Pilot Town Oak The largest tree on Springer's Point is the Pilot Town Oak. It is 10' around and has a spread of 60.'
Blackbeard's Oak This live oak stands just inside the Springer's Point canopy where the trail opens up to the beach. It is 9' 2" in girth, with a spread of about 57'.

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Published:May 26, 2015


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Hi there! It looks like you are interested in visiting Springer's Point!

The North Carolina Coastal Land Trust would like you to know that Springer's Point has no parking for automobiles or golf carts. Bicycle parking is available and only foot traffic is allowed beyond the information kiosk. Additionally, all dogs must be leashed at Springer's Point.