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Peter Vankevich and Connie Leinbach, co-owners of the Ocracoke Observer. Photo by Ruth Fordon

The Ocracoke Observer, founded in 1999, is a free, monthly community print newspaper covering island news and culture March to December, and is available throughout the village and by subscription.

Our website includes a wealth of information on Ocracoke’s current news, its history and nature. There are also editorials on  Ocracoke issues.

We also use Facebook for lighter stuff and as a heads-up for articles posted on the web page, or to announce that the next print issue is out. Facebookers, feel free to “like” us.

Some of the locations you’ll find the paper on the island include the Ocracoke Coffee Company,  Howard’s Pub, the Variety Store, Spencer’s Market, the  Slushy Stand, Village Craftsmen, the road side of the Community Store, the NPS Visitors Center and the Ferry office.

Map it to find out where to pick up a copy!

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Published:December 21, 2014

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