Ocracoke Library

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Ocracoke Library

For many years Ocracoke boasted the tiniest public library in the United States. A small wood frame building with only 96 square feet of space, the library housed about 400-500 books. A small deck sat against the rear wall, where the librarian would check out books three or four days a week from 9 am-1 pm.

In 1998 the old library was auctioned off and moved to private property where it was used as the main building for the home-based school. At that time the present library, a combination school and public facility, was built. Connected by internet to major libraries in North Carolina, most books are available, either on shelves here or by inter-library loan.

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Stop four – Ocracoke Library

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The Around Creek audio tour was narrated by Philip Howard and Lou Ann Homan. It was originally designed to begin at Village Craftsmen on Howard Street, but you can join the tour at any point. To start at the beginning, go to the audio tour page for instructions.


Published:October 18, 2014

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