Howard Street Oaks Map

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Please respect the privacy of land owners and remain on Howard Street as you view these trees.

Howard Street Start here to walk down Howard Street and see the live oaks.
Mary Ruth Oak The Mary Ruth Oak is on Howard Street, growing on a small hill near the Captain George Gregory Howard home. This tree is 11' 2' in girth, with a spread of about 57.'
Howard Street Sentinel The second largest live oak on the island is on Howard Street. Dubbed "Howard Street Sentinel," this tree measures 13' 9' in girth and a spread of 63.' It lives in the yard of the Methodist parsonage.
William Howard Oak The “William Howard Oak,” the largest live oak on Ocracoke Island, was registered by the Live Oak Society in November of 2008. This tree lives in the yard of the small cottage at 58 Howard Street. Its girth (measured just below where the trunk divides) is 17’ 0” and it has a spread of at least 57.’

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Published:May 26, 2015


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