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  • A Tale Of Blackbeard Icon

    A Tale of Blackbeard Map

    A Tale of Blackbeard is a musical play presented occasionally in the summer season as a community theater production on Ocracoke Island.

  • history icon

    About Ocracoke Map

  • Albert Styron's Store Icon

    Albert Styron’s Store Map

    One of five general stores on Ocracoke during the first half of the twentieth century, Albert Styron’s store, established in 1920, served the need of people living Down Point.

  • Around Creek Audio Tour Map

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  • arts icon

    Arts and Culture Map

  • Assembly Of God Church Icon

    Assembly of God Church Map

    The Assembly of God church, carries on the Pentecostal tradition begun in 1938 on Ocracoke Island.

  • Beach Access Parking Map

    In addition to the lifeguarded beach, there are six parking areas north of the village. Each of these lots provides access to the beach via footpaths.

  • Berkley Castle Icon

    Berkley Castle Map

    Influenced by both New England turn-of-the-century resort architecture and by Colonial Williamsburg style, the Castle was built in the mid-1950s by industrialist Sam Jones.

  • Bragg Howard House Icon

    Bragg-Howard House Map

    This house is representative of the basic island home, the historic “story and a jump,” a diminutive frame house, one and a half stories high.

  • British Cemetery Map

    This small graveyard is the final resting place of four British sailors from an armed trawler torpedoed in 1942.

  • Captain Bill Thomas House Icon

    Captain Bill Thomas House Map

    In the harbor of St. Kitt’s in the Caribbean, Captain Thomas spied a stately home with a wide veranda and decided to have a replica built for himself and his new bride back on Ocracoke.

  • Cedar Hammock Coast Guard Station Icon

    Cedar Hammock Coast Guard Station Map

    The first lifesaving station on Ocracoke was built in 1883 just south of Hatteras Inlet near the current north ferry terminal.

  • Community Store Map

    This old general store was established in 1918 and sold groceries, clothes, fishing supplies, hardware, and even caskets.

  • Down Point Audio Tour Map

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  • Ferries Map

    The south terminal provides passage to Cedar Island and Swan Quarter while the north terminal connects Ocracoke to Hatteras Island.

  • First Automobile Accident Map

    In September of 1925, with only two vehicles on the entire Island, Ocracoke had it’s first automobile accident on what is now Howard Street.

  • Fort Ocracoke Icon

    Fort Ocracoke Map

    During the Civil War, a Confederate fort was constructed on Beacon Island, about one mile inside Ocracoke Inlet. The fort was destroyed on September 17, 1861, and in 1998, the remains were discovered.

  • Hammock Hills Nature Trail Icon

    Hammock Hills Nature Trail Map

    North of the village across from the NPS campground is Hammock Hills Nature Trail, a ¾ of a mile loop through some of the highest points on the island.

  • Camera Icon

    Historical Photo Map

    See images from Ocracoke’s past. Find out where the pictures were taken and how the camera was oriented.

  • Howard Cemetery Map

    The Howard Cemetery is one of the oldest on the island and one of the largest. George Howard, son of the last Colonial owner, is buried here.

  • Howard Street Map

    Howard Street is a North Carolina treasure. No other street has the history and charm it boasts.

  • Howard Street Oaks Map

    Ocracoke Island boasts a number of magnificent Southern Live Oaks, many of them hundreds of years old. This map shows the location of three on Howard St.

  • Island Inn Map

    Built in 1901, the upper floor of the main section was used as the meeting room for the Odd Fellows Lodge. The lower floor was used as a schoolhouse.

  • Kayak Tour Map

    Rent a kayak or bring your own and explore the waters of Silver Lake and Pamlico Sound.

  • Lehigh Map

    Approaching Ocracoke from the south or west the ferry will pass two metal piles in Big Foot Slough Channel. They are part of a dredge which sank in 1942.

  • loop shack hill icon

    Loop Shack Hill Map

    A U.S. Navy installation designed for detecting U-boats off the North Carolina Coast during World War II.

  • Mail Boat Aleta Map

    In the 1940s and early 1950s, Ocracoke’s main link to the mainland was the privately owned and operated mail boat, Aleta.

  • Ocracoke United Methodist Church Icon

    Methodist Church Map

    The Methodist Episcopal Church was first established on Ocracoke Island in 1828.

  • Molasses Creek Map

    Catch Ocracoke’s nationally renowned folk band, Molasses Creek, at Deepwater Theater on Wed. and Thurs. during the season! Albums in local stores.

  • Naval Base Icon

    Naval Base Map

    During World War II, the US Navy built a base on Ocracoke Island to patrol the coast and deter U-boat attacks.

  • Beach Jumper Icon

    Navy Beach Jumpers Map

    During WWII, the U.S. Navy used Ocracoke for a top-secret base for training a specialized unit in psychological warfare and deception.

  • NCCAT Icon

    NCCAT Ocracoke Campus Map

    The historic old Coast Guard building houses the Ocracoke branch of the North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching.

  • NPS Visitors Center Icon

    NPS Campground Map

    The National Park Service campground on Ocracoke is located approximately three miles northeast of the village on N.C. Highway 12

  • NPS Visitors Center Icon

    NPS Lifeguarded Beach Map

    The NPS lifeguarded beach is part of approximately sixteen miles of National Seashore and one of the most beautiful beaches on the eastern seaboard.

  • NPS Visitors Center Icon

    NPS Visitor Center Map

    Ocracoke is part of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. There are many programs offered at the National Park Service Visitor Center on Ocracoke.

  • Ocracoke Airport Icon

    Ocracoke Airport Map

    Built in 1968 and located within the boundaries of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Ocracoke Airport is maintained by the United States Park Service.

  • Ocracoke Alive Map

    Non-profit dedicated to enriching the community by encouraging and sponsoring cultural, artistic, educational, and environmental activities.

  • OCBA Icon

    Ocracoke Civic and Business Association Map

    Ocracoke Civic and Business Association is a non-profit organization that promotes local businesses and events.

  • Ocracoke Community Park Map

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  • Ghost and History Tour Icon

    Ocracoke Ghost and History Tours Map

    Join native islanders and accomplished storytellers on one of our popular Ghost & History Tours. When dark descends on Ocracoke, don’t look over your shoulder!

  • Ocracoke Health Center Map

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  • map Icon

    Ocracoke Island Map

    Find anything you are looking for on Ocracoke with this comprehensive map.

  • Ocracoke Library Icon

    Ocracoke Library Map

    For many years Ocracoke boasted the tiniest public library in the United States. The current library replaced the 96 square foot small wood frame building in 1998.

  • Ocracoke Lighthouse Icon

    Ocracoke Lighthouse Map

    Ocracoke Island’s most prominent landmark is its 75′ tall lighthouse built in 1823.

  • Ocracoke Ponies Map

    Ocracoke is home to a herd of wild ponies descended from Spanish Mustangs introduced by early colonists.

  • Post Office Icon

    Ocracoke Post Office Map

    United States Post Office

  • Ocracoke Preservation Museum Icon

    Ocracoke Preservation Museum Map

    The Ocracoke Preservation Society is a non-profit, community-based organization dedicated to the preservation of Ocracoke Island’s rich historical and cultural heritage.

  • NC 12 Icon

    Ocracoke Road Map

    Road map of Ocracoke

  • Ocracoke School Icon

    Ocracoke School Map

    Ocracoke has the smallest public school in the state of North Carolina. The school averages just over 6 graduates per year.

  • Ocracoke Volunteer Fire Department Map

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  • Ocracoke Working Watermen’s Association Map

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  • Ocrafolk Festival Map

    Held the first full weekend of June each year, the Ocrafolk Festival celebrates music, storytelling, and artisans from the NC coastal region and beyond.

  • Off-Road Driving Map

    The National Park Service provides several ramps and trails that can be used by off-road vehicles to access the beach and the sound.

  • Old Diver Map

    About one hundred years ago, Augustus Abner McQuire drown while attempting to repair the hull of a ship anchored off Ocracoke. He was buried on Ocracoke and became a local ghost legend.

  • Old Hammock Oak Icon

    Old Hammock Oak Map

    Ocracoke Island boasts a number of magnificent Southern Live Oaks, many of them hundreds of years old. This map shows the location of the Old Hammock oak.

  • Old Post Office Icon

    Old Post Office Map

    A History of the United States Post Office at Ocracoke.

  • Old Quawk Map

    The story of Old Quawk has been told on Ocracoke Island since at least the early nineteenth century.

  • Portsmouth Map

    Now a ghost town, Portsmouth was a thriving port village in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century.

  • Public Boat Ramp Map

    Public Boat Ramp

  • Public Parking Map

    Free public parking for Ocracoke visitors

  • Public Services Map

  • Sheriff Department Map

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  • Silver Lake icon

    Silver Lake Map

    Native islanders almost always refer to Silver Lake Harbor as “The Creek.” More formally it is called “Cockle Creek,” a name used for generations.

  • Springer's Point Icon

    Springer’s Point Map

    Springer’s Point is the last maritime forest remaining in Ocracoke Village. Off its shore lies Teach’s Hole, where Blackbeard’s last battle took place.

  • Springer’s Point Oaks Map

    Ocracoke Island boasts a number of magnificent Southern Live Oaks, many of them hundreds of years old. This map shows the locations of two at Springer’s pt.

  • Teach’s Hole Map

    Teach’s Hole Blackbeard Exhibit was founded by George and Mickey Roberson in 1992 with the purpose of educating the traveling public about North Carolina’s most infamous pirate.

  • blackbeard icon

    Teach’s Hole Map

    In November of 1718, the governor of Virginia sent Robert Maynard of the British Royal Navy to hunt down Blackbeard. In a deep water channel off the shore of Springer’s Point, Maynard’s men overpowered the smaller pirate crew and beheaded their captain.

  • USLSS Boathouse Map

    In 1883 the US government established the island’s first Life Saving Station near Hatteras Inlet.

  • Village Craftsmen Map

    Village Craftsmen on Howard Street offers an extensive selection of quality American-made handcrafts.

  • Village Thrift Map

    A non-profit thrift store located across from the Community Square. Village Thrift’s proceeds go to the Ocracoke Youth Center.

  • WOVV Map

    Community Radio – 90.1 FM