Berkley Castle

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Berkley Castle On Ocracoke Island

Built in the mid-1950s by industrialist Sam Jones, Berkley Castle was, from the beginning, a prominent landmark around Silver Lake Harbor. Influenced by both New England turn-of-the-century resort architecture and by Colonial Williamsburg style, the Castle featured double-tiered dormers, flanking cross-gables, colonial style brick chimneys, a hipped tower, and rambling rear wings.

Originally used as private guest house, this quirky structure has been converted into an upscale Bed & Breakfast. The interior still shows many signs of Sam’s unusual style and personality, especially in the layout of the rooms and hallways. The staircases, which have exceptionally short risers, is an accommodation to one of Sam’s unique preferences.

To learn more about Sam Jones, listen to the audio tour.

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Stop ten – The Castle

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This audio tour was originally designed to be rented on mp3 players which would be returned at the final stop, Village Craftsmen. While it is no longer necessary to finish your tour at Village Craftsmen, we encourage you to follow the blue arrow, walk down Howard Street, and enjoy the stroll. We also encourage you to stop by Village Craftsmen and let them know if you enjoyed this tour. Village Craftsmen was founded by Philip Howard (the tour’s writer and producer) in 1970. Please listen to the audio of the final stop, as it contains important copyright information.

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The Down Point audio tour was narrated by Philip Howard and Lou Ann Homan. It was originally designed to begin at Village Craftsmen on Howard Street, but you can join the tour at any point. To start at the beginning, go to the audio tour page for instructions.


Published:October 17, 2014

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