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Before the U.S. Navy dredged the harbor in the late 1930s, two tidal streams or guts snaked out of the southeast side of Silver Lake. These guts effectively divided Ocracoke Village into two distinct regions. The Around Creek side of the village was the area north and northeast of the guts and the Down Point side was the area west and southwest of the guts.

The Around Creek  and Down Point audio tours were narrated by Philip Howard (owner of Village Craftsmen and Ocracoke Ghost and History Tours) and Lou Ann Homan.

If your device is not cell-enabled, you can still take the tour. Download the mp3 files here.

Around Creek Tour  audio 40x40


Running time: 2:21 – Size: 1.7 MB

arbol Stop 1: Howard Street

chapel-2 Stop 2: Methodist Church

school-2 Stop 3: Ocracoke School

library Stop 4: Ocracoke Library

Blackbeards lodge Stop 5: Blackbeard’s Lodge

cemetery Stop 6: British Cemetery

cemetery Stop 7: Howard Cemetery

OPS Stop 8: OPS Museum

ranger Stop 9: NPS Visitor Center

community store Stop 10: Community Store

 Stop 11: Old Post Office

arbol Stop 12: Village Craftsmen

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 Down Point Tour  audio 40x40


Running time: 2:26 – Size: 1.8 MB

arbol Stop 1: Howard Street

Bragg-Howard House Stop 2: Bragg-Howard House

island inn Stop 3: Island Inn

home-2 Stop 4: USLSS Boathouse

Albert Stop 5: Albert Styron’s Store

lighthouse-2 Stop 6: Ocracoke Lighthouse

chapel-2 Stop 7: Assembly of God

springers Stop 8: Springer’s Point

home-2 Stop 9: Capt. Thomas House

castle Stop 10: Berkley Castle

male-2 Stop 11: Old Quawk

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Published:October 17, 2014

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